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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Power of Flowers.

I do believe in the power of flowers.

They bring comfort, Beauty and Grace to our lives...

They simply open up and greet each given morning with a smile. It's how I want to be, each and every day of my own life.

Linking to Becky's Blissful Whites Wednesday

Monica x

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Creative Christmas #4: Guest Posting at Design Dazzle!

Hello dear friends and readers, I'm happy to be part of 100 Ideas of Christmas Wonderful at Design Dazzle once again! In my guest post, you'll find step- by- step instructions on how to make these glittery yarn ornaments I created especially for our tree.
... See you there!

Monica x

The Power of Words.

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera".
Dorothea Lange

Monica x

Monday, November 26, 2012

Yay!... my *BIG GIVEAWAY*!

I am going to offer to one lucky winner one kilogram (more than 2 pounds) of pretties!! Including one original painting by me and antique and vintage treasures.
Here's what the winner will get:

- An original inspirational mixed media painting by me ("Flap Your Wings")
- One wool heart, handmade by me
- One of my cotton sachets, created and sewn by me
- Some italian vintage letters and envelopes with stamps
- Three antique and vintage portraits of women (one of which featuring two sisters)
- One antique, sweet, French postcard
- Four clay star tags I made
- One of my glittery burlap stars
- Two sheets of adhesive tags and round paper jar covers by Cath Kidston
- One beautiful, vintage linen hand towel in perfect conditions
- One crocheted big doily in perfect conditions
- One hand- embroidered antique doily
- One small crocheted vintage doily in perfect conditions
- A pair of antique bloomers, all hand- embroidered with beautiful tiny flowers in perfect conditions
- ... and other little surprises to fill the parcel to the brim and reach 1 kg! :)

Close ups of the gifts you'll receive...

Vintage linen hand towel.

Beautiful hand-embroidered flowers on the bloomers.
Antique and vintage doilies, all handmade.
Handmade clay stars and one of my ornaments published in Somerset Life.
Sisters and lovely lady in black, original antique photographs; vintage italian letters and envelopes with stamps.

Lovely girl in white, vintage photograph.

One of my cotton sachets, published in Somerset Holidays and Celebrations.

Original painting by me- stay tuned on my main blog for products with my butterflies on! Tee hee:)

Pretties by CK.

Antique, used postcard written in French.

The winner will be announced on December, 5th so hopefully my gifts will arrive just in time for Christmas!
Monica x

Found Hearts...

Hope you're having a happy day!
Monica x

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Quiet Time in the Studio...

Well, sort of LOL
With lots of new programs in the works, and the Atlanta Gift Show just around the corner after the Holidays, I surely have no time to stay quiet! Let's say I'm trying to not get caught up in the madness of all I have to do, and instead savoring the "Now", the little things. 
Like this moment- it was just some days ago, the weather was so bright and warm, sunbeams entered the room through the window panes, kissing my canvas and cheeks, making my heart content. I was working in total silence and Kim was with me...

Working on a big piece on a wonderful, sunny day... Oh joy!

... on her new, gorgeous, orthopedic bed, enjoying the last, warm rays of sunshine before the long winter months ahead! I am so grateful she's here with me, cannot believe it was just a few short months ago that we were about to part with her.

Kim always by my side.

Off to my paintings, I'm having fun like a child in a toy store! :)
Monica x

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Sale!

Posted about this journal page here. Print available now in my shop.
In my art shop, 50% off extended until Sunday!
Spreading inspiration... my special thanks to those who already purchased a print or two. I'm glad you liked them :)
Monica x

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Wishes...

Grateful for my life, my family, all I have- and for you all, dear friends!
Have a wonderful celebration.
Monica x

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Creative Christmas #3: Glittery Felted Acorns.

Just another idea for your decorations... glittery felted acorns!
What about a tree all decked with these pretties? Or a mix of felted acorns and yarn baubles and tiny white lights? Or felted acorns, yarn baubles, pinecones and natural elements? The possibilities are endless!

You have to make felted acorns following my free tutorial.  Then spray with glue, attach Christmas inspired text and then sparkle with clear glitter. You can put glitter also on the cap, if you wish. Or do a mix of different types to add interest to your tree.
Make a teeny tiny hole into a real acorn cap with the help of a metal skewer, and make a loop with sewing thread. Attach inside with adhesive tape, and then with a dab of hot glue to the felted acorn.

... VoilĂ !

Stay tuned for a super giveaway coming your way in a few days! :)
Sharing my post atBecky's Blissful Whites Wednesday.
Visit all the participants for your weekly dose of creative bliss in white!
Monica x

My Vintage Portable Inspiration Station!

I have shared my passion for magazine clippings and Inspiration Journals on my craft blog before... and it's something that helps me tremendously when a migraine attack or sickness due to neckpain starts.
As it has become an usual practice for me, I have finally decided to keep a dedicated place for all of my clippings, which as you know if you keep a journal of this type, are not easy to store away.
I happened to bump into a nice shop on Etsy (... love you, Etsy!!) where I found this blue train case. And the awesome shop owner, Christina, agreed to ship it to me overseas! Now, could I ever resist? It's vintage, of the right dimension to store just about anything (I should add it's bigger than any other vintage train case I have ever found/seen, which is a bonus), and it's blue
As I did in the past with my vintage portable studio, I created my Portable Inspiration Station out of it!

I love using old suitcases, trunks and train cases as storage! I think they add such personality and prettyness to the environment I live in.

I keep scissors, paper glue, a pencil and some composition books in there, carefully wrapped in kraft paper and labeled with washi tape (so no matter how ugly their covers are!)...

I have just collaged the clippings on the pages, but I'm going to add notes and observations.
 ... plus all of the clippings and the magazines I am currently cutting. I can bring it wherever I go, all perfectly ordered and with style!

Do you keep inspiration journals the old fashioned way?
Monica x

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sneak Peek.

Monica x

Creative Christmas #2: Upcycled Yogurt Jars.

*Update #2* in the US, looks like you have Spega yogurt, in the UK, try Loseley. Hope this helps!*  
**Update: I hadn't realized all of you across the pond aren't able to find yoghurt in glass containers! :( It's usually the organic variety- but in any case, in the past I have also used baby food little jars to make these tealight holders!***

I love candles and lanterns. So very much. I must admit I have lots of them purchased over the years or been given as gift, and naturally, I like creating my own, too! :)
Eating yogurth nearly every day, I often have on hand several cute little glass jars. They have many creative uses... Turning them into tea light holders just takes a few minutes.

The longer part is to create the clay stars- follow my free tutorial for clay tags here.
Then you just have to wrap the jar in twine, tie a knot, add a star, secure with another knot or bow and put a tea light inside. Super easy and quick!

You may consider giving them as gifts this year, or decorate just about every corner of your home or garden on a budget! Adding a wire handle, they can be hung too.

Monica x

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Joyful Simplicities.

One of my typical readings, my brand- new tissue holder (♥!), all scattered in a casual way on the armchair where I use to curl up, in front of the fireplace... Oh, and the kettle is whistling. I just had to share a smile today!
Happy Sunday,
Monica x

Tidying Up and Organizing.

Among the simple things that make me very happy, there are boxes of colored pastels and crayons.
I have always loved the "rainbow perfection" of the original boxes, but as of late, I have realized that's very impractical is to use them that way! I mean, when you're itching to paint and create, who has the patience and time to keep pastels and crayons in perfect chromatic order? 
Moreover, you need lots of space to accomodate several boxes...

So I took a deep breath, and bravely tipped out all of my pastels and crayons in wooden boxes! Not ordinary boxes though- these vintage ones belonged to my Grandfather, who was a painter. He used to keep all of his art supplies in there, so they show signs of use. In one of them, I also found a note handwritten by my Nonna, with the names of all of the colors my Nonno originally stored in the box. How precious!

I now look at my pastels in a totally different way- not a tidy, boring-at- times perfection, but a casual symphony, that makes my heart dance! 

Now it's time to let them dance onto canvas...
Monica x