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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giveaway Time!!

As promised, I'm having a Christmas Giveaway to say thank you for all your support, encouragement, sweet friendship... and for being there!

Here's my gift for one of you:
- one of my big plaid hearts, made of a soft and warm unusual pink tartan and a stunning vintage cream lace, finished off with tiny vintage MOP buttons
- "Comfortable Country" by Enrica Stabile (paperback edition)
- a beautiful collection of 6 vintage Italian baubles

This book is a small jewel, crammed full of fabulous ideas for a comfy, shabby and country home.

Hurry up!! The winner will be announced on Wednesday, December, 1st!

To be eligible to win you simply have to leave a comment on this post, telling me which color/colors you will deck the halls with this year
If you are so kind to spread the word about my giveaway, posting about it and/or putting it on your sidebar (you can use the first polaroid pic if you want), I'll be very grateful and give you a further opportunity to win. In this case, please come back and leave another comment on this post, as I'm going to use a random generator to pick the winner. Anyone is welcome, I do ship internationally.
I'm linking this also to Pink Saturday, as my gifts are mainly pink!;)
Good luck!
Monica x

Friday, November 26, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

I'm back from beautiful England (and I can't wait to come back again!;)). We have been luckier this time... we now have to decide for one of the lovely properties we viewed! And that's not easy, trust me.
I must admit this honey- stone beauty is very tempting...

An old cottage with plenty of country charm, a glorious well- sized garden...

... its own name...

... located in a quaint little village with a church that mostly dates from the late 13th century and beautiful surroundings.

Unfortunately, the house has oil fired heating and the upstairs rooms don't meet our (... ahem, my own!) needs completely. Also, it has a single garage (we'd prefer a double one).

This was really lovely too, but not as close to Oxford as we'd wished...

Look at the mirror on the garden wall! Isn't this corner wonderful! So creative.

Apples and dishes pleasantly displayed... 

But definitely I think this little jewel in the heart of the Cotswolds' Golden Triangle, between the towns of Woodstock, Chipping Norton and Burford, with its peaceful charm, the celtic cross and the ancient church, together with amazing views over the countryside, won us over.

We haven't reserved anything yet, but there might be a good chance we opt for this house. It is not old I'm afraid. I hoped for an old cottage, but there aren't right ones for us on the market at the moment...  What I love of this house is that's tremendously bright, cozy and warm, and it has a country- style kitchen very similar to the one I have now and a fabulous conservatory with view over a pretty garden and open fields. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the house to show you, I was too busy peeping here and there ;)) 
I will be back in some days with my giveaway (when the weather permits to take good pictures!), other photographs of this beautiful area of England, and of my new 'tresures'. Hey, didn't you think I came back empty- handed!
Will find the time to visit you and catch up with your blogs in the weekend. Hope my American friends are having a terrific Thanksgiving weekend! Be happy, be safe.
Back to my floorplans now...;)
Monica x.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pink Hearts.

I finally started to make some tartan hearts, as Christmas gifts.
This year I won't decorate too much, but Christmas isn't Christmas without any presents ;) I love to surprise my dear ones and all the people who made me feel good this past year, with a small yet special gift, hand-made with love and patience... it seems incredible, but many hours are required to make simple things like these!
I have made several hearts in traditional reds and greens, but I thought to also include some made of this yummy pink and cream tartan. It was such a lucky find! I am not used to see pink tartan...

Before you ask, I painted that tray with teddy bears many years ago... I'm still in love with it!

Tiny mother-of-pearl buttons are patiently hand- sewn to finish off and add my signature to the pieces. I always love to add small collections of grouped vintage buttons to my creations.

The lace I used is antique or vintage.

Will show you the red ones when I return from England. This post is scheduled to join Beverly and the Pinkies for Pink Saturday- I will read your comments today, but will be able to reply to you only when I'm back (I also have some people left to thank personally for the sweet words on this post- my internet connection was so bad last week that it was impossible for me to reach you all).
Thanks for stopping by!
Monica x.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gone Househunting!

I'm saying goodbye again for a week. We have some beautiful houses to view in the Cotswolds, and as you can imagine, my hubby and I are pretty excited!

I feel much better after an entire batch of yummy brownies! ... Hey, I believe each girl needs that (and to vent!) every now and then ;) Thanks for being there when I needed you!

I'm happy to report I started to craft a few other pretties to be given as Christmas gifts. I will show them soon. It may look so odd I spend time in my studio instead of packing all day long! But you know, I have to keep my sanity ;)

I will have my camera on hand to hopefully capture beautiful and interesting things to show you. See you soon!
Monica x.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thank You!!

These beautiful flowers are for you!

A hertfelt thank you for all the comments and private emails you sent my way! You brought a huge smile to my face, and I really feel better now. I also found the time to relax and make some gifts, yesterday. And oh, that was such a fantastic feeling. As many of you said, it's the little things... so true.
You cannot imagine what a hugely positive impact your kind and caring words had on me! Each and every one! Will treasure them forever.

Will have a little giveaway soon to better say 'Thank you'!
Monica x.
F.Y.I: comments closed on this post.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Have been Feeling a little Faded...

... Tired, disheartened, lonely lately. I find it difficult to shine. Well, let's say I do my very best, but I often burst into tears... There's not a single corner in my home I can decorate or enjoy anymore- all is dirty, crammed full of boxes, packing materials, piles of things to be packed away, select in order to (unwillingly) get rid of. It takes me ages to discard a single glass, cup, pillow. Better not to mention my creative supplies. So silly, I know, because I want to live a spiritual life and I care too much about material things. My precious stuff. I know you understand...
I don't feel myself at ease here, it looks like it isn't my home anymore! And we haven't find another one, yet. And the deadline is fastly approaching. We had to postpone the move, it now is impossible we can make it in time for Christmas. Speaking of which, I won't be able to decorate, enjoy a comfy shiny home, and on and on. But I will be able to celebrate with my parents at their place, and for that I am grateful!
Hubby and I will be headed to Oxfordshire again next week, I arranged to view several properties. I am grateful for that little vacation (sort of) awaiting me. Hope I can relax a bit and my bubbly self comes back. I need it, and I know my loved ones need it too.
I have tons of new ideas, of gifts and things I would like to make, of projects to be finished. I feel really sad when at the end of the day I see I haven't had time to sit at the desk and paint, sew or create. Maybe I'm too demanding on myself, and I should be grateful for what I can do everyday, even the simplest of things. 
Sorry if I've been absent for awhile, I really had hectic days and this bad mood of mine didn't help. Plus my cronic neck/headache tormented me for several days. When I disappear from my blog and comments this may be the reason. 
Sorry also for this not-so-cheery post tonight, I needed to write it down to let these thoughts go... I already feel better. A yummy brownie is calling me loudly, chocolate has been my best friend, lately! And, oh, maybe could some pink help cheering me up? I'll write Santa to please put a vintage car like this in my Christmas stocking. I think I could find a tiny place to put our stockings... well, if I manage to remember where on earth they are! Sigh.
Thanks for listening.
Monica x.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sophisticated Centerpiece.

Do you remember this centerpiece I made last Fall? I'm still in love with it, so I wanted to show it again for those of you who missed that post!
I simply arranged in a grapevine basket several spray painted dried pumpkins, aged with antiquing glaze, with fresh roses. As usual, soaked florist's foam provided the perfect support for fresh flowers to last.

A hurricane vase with candle completed the centerpiece. 

And glass beads and crystals added some sparkle!

I'm linking to Cindy's Show and Tell Friday, pop by her blog for loads of eye candies!
Happy Friday!
Monica x.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Exploring the Cotswolds...

First, please let me thank all the lovely people who commented and contacted me privately, offering to get the missed magazine for me! I really, really appreciated x
Then, by popular demand, here are more pictures taken strolling around the Cotswolds, one of my favorite areas of England! ... Enjoy!
Love the thatched cottages, it's my secret (not-so-secret, actually!) dream to live in one of these one day!

Found this yummy shop, full of tempting pretties!

Definitely my kind of things... and I bet yours too ;))

Fabulous Autumn colors, as from an artist's palette...

Isn't this pink vintage car sooo darn cute?? 

Usual views on the open fields... I always am astounded by how green the grass is in England!

Some of my favorite sweets!

Tantalizing goodies... 

Aaaaaah, my favorites! Lace curtains! One of my lovely readers, commented how funny it was I noticed the lace net curtains in the Cotswolds! Truth be told, I have them all around my home!! I also have a fun anecdote to tell about them- as I love lace, when I had my first home, I decided to make all my curtains out of bridal lace I got at bargain price. The ladies at the shop were quite shocked when I asked for 35 m./38 yds. of it!!!!!! They told me they hadn't heard of anyone using bridal lace to make curtains ;))

Pretty (but not cheap!!) baskets galore!

And gorgeous flowers everywhere!

Hope you enjoyed the tour. We'll be headed to these magical places again very soon, hoping to capture some Christmas atmosphere for you... and a house to rent!
In the meantime, I have to share the books I promised, and maybe some handmade creations... if I find the time to sit at my desk in the middle of this horrible mess.
Monica x.