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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Delights.

Happy Saturday, dear readers! Hope all is well in your corner of the world!
I'm linking to Pink Saturday this week, glad I managed to participate. Beverly allowed us to post autumnal colors today. As I've been away and very busy with the move, I hadn't posted much of Fall decor this year... well, actually, I haven't many pretty spots to decorate at home at the moment ;) 
Nevertheless,  I treated myself and my loved ones to a splash of color in our kitchen!

I purchased all these pumpkins at the supermarket for €1,25/$ 1,73/£ 1 (I know some of my readers like to compare prices in different Countries!!:)), but mind you. At the florists'/nursery they were incredibly pricey! I cut the beautiful Nandina berries and leaves in our garden. Picked the last chestnuts when strolling Kim this morning...

White pumpkins seem to be a must this year around Blogland... I love them, they are so elegant... but for me, Autumn is a splendid carousel of oranges, reds, browns and yellows!!

Can you smell the roses?

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween! And to my dear readers living Down Under... Happy Spring! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend filled with joy and laughter.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

English Tales, Part 3- Pretty and Interesting Things.

I was prettily surprised (and very thrilled!) to discover that in Dorchester, Dorset, a Teddy Bear Museum still survives! I've been terribly disappointed in the past finding out that icons of a bygone era were fastly disappearing from Europe, and their treasures had been sold in auctions. These precious memories of the past won't be able for us and the new generations to enjoy anymore in a near future! So very sad, in my humble opinion.
As my husband is not interested in Teddy Bears as I am, I preferred to completely enjoy the museum without being in a rush because of that! I know you understand ;)) If you happen to be in the area, be sure to visit this magical place. Mr. Edward Bearidge and his Mother Beatricia, are pleased to welcome you...

Grandpa Ted too... Sshhhh, he's snoring!;)

You can meet the rest of the family in different rooms...

... while you continue your tour through this historic house, built in 1835, and see Edward's collection of several antique bears (some of the earliest British bears together with American, French and German ones).

You can also admire reproductions of very expensive and famous antique bears...

... and marvellous collections of Paddington, Pooh, and antique toys and ephemera together with newer and artist's bears. The overall atmosphere is charming and vintage... a real treat.

I left the Museum to explore another place I had noticed upon our arrival in Dorchester, as I had some me-time left...

Woo hoo! H.e.a.v.e.n! My heart skipped a beat ot two seeing that blue bench, yes mine is white, but I'm a white and blue girl at heart!;)

and what about that shelf? There were tons of fabulous things everywhere!!

I was about to purchase this little one... but... well, you have to wait until the end of the post!;)

I would have loved to buy that chest of drawers... well, those all...

Definitely not a bargain price ($260), but still very good for our standards in Italy! No idea if it is good or not for England- anyone, British bloggers??

As I stated, I was about to purchase the little bear above, when my hubby arrived (the lovely lady in the foyer at the Teddy Bear Museum told him I had turned my steps towards the Antique Shop!;)), and he insisted on buying this fabulous, vintage big boy for me! So Oswald (as we named him afterwards) came home with us!
Can you imagine my suitcase?? Hehe.

Sorry this was longer than expected. I couldn't include in three posts only all the beauty and pretties I wanted to share with you! I'd have other pics of the Cotswolds and Oxford to share, I wonder if anyone may be interested? These posts are pretty long to put together, but I do it gladly if you like to read them!
Have a lovely rest of the week, 

Monday, October 25, 2010

English Tales, Part 2- Cottages and Gardens.

Hello there! Here we are with the second part of our English trip.
I've always been fascinated by cottages and gardens... Is there a better place than England to find plenty of both?
Romantic details everywhere in the Cotswolds... I'm pleased to find out that lace curtains are a must in these places! Maybe because they are so perfect paired up with the natural honey- colored stone.

I wonder if people do still use these...

Gardens weren't at their best, unfortunately. Cold and rain had already damaged the dainty petals. But I managed to take some decent shots. Nothing compared to the vibrant and opulent borders I saw in this very place two years ago in mid September though. 

Getting ready for Winter...

Autumn glory...

Finally this time hubby and I managed to visit Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, and I'm soo glad we did! Even if we were blessed by a blue blue sky that day, temperatures were very low and a biting wind annoyed us all day long!:(

Wonderful architecture and statues in the Italian Gardens!

I cannot help but mention a couple of lovely Dorset villages, too. Shaftesbury, with its amazing view down Gold Hill...

and Milton Abbas, famous for its 'picture perfect' road with cottages on both sides! Very pretty! 

In the next post, will show you the Teddy Bear Museum in Dorchester, and some other things I liked and captured with my camera, just for you! And what I brought home with me :)
Thanks for all the sweet comments you left me, I really, really appreciate your friendship.
Monica x.

Friday, October 22, 2010

English Tales, Part 1- The Ocean

Hello everyone! Sharing with you some pictures of our wonderful stay in England, today.
Hubby and I had great quality time together, and have been blessed by wonderful sunshine for ten days (we opened our umbrellas only for a couple of hours at the end of our vacation). We started our trip in Dorset, where we were able to see amazing cliffs and breathtaking landscapes.
Durdle Door, on the Jurassic Coast, Dorset...

Quite a tiring walk, but it was worth it!

We refused to go down the hundreds of steps to the beaches, though... especially to not have to climb them up again!:(

But it was beautiful from the top of the cliff, and maybe even more photogenic!

Lulworth Cove was such a pleasant discovery, with some pretty tearooms, inns and shops. There weren't many people there, but I bet this is a messy place during summertime.

We could really enjoy the smell of the sea and the cry of seagulls. Total quiet.

I absolutely loved this driftwood sculpture. Such a neat idea!

We had to admit that those places are wonderful to spend a peaceful vacation or for older or retired people, but dead and sad for us to live there all year long! We viewed some fabulous thatched cottages with character (300 years old or so), completely updated to high standards, but boy the roads were soooo narrow, no streetlamps, no internet connection and cell phone signal...

We wandered around Somerset and Bath too, then we decided to explore places that are more familiar to us and closer to London... and we headed to the Cotswolds and Oxford. And we immediately felt at home. So maybe we'll rent over there... I still have to investigate and arrange some viewings.
Will be back very soon with the second part of our trip- Cottages and Gardens! 
Monica x.