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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Up Close and Personal- A Sneak Peek at my Illustrated Discovery Journal.

Sometimes we forget where we would like to live...

... what we'd love to do...

... what makes us happy...

... how our dream home should look...

... what we like to wear (despite what the world around us is wearing) and how we do love to feel in our own clothes...

I was doubtful whether to show these pages or not, because they're so personal. But then realized I started my Illustrated Discovery Journal well after I felt the urge to do that. Because I feared to wrongly do it. So I wanted to maybe inspire you, if this idea has already crossed your mind, to start your own. Now. The Illustrated Discovery Journal is an incredibly powerful spiritual tool... The gorgeous truth is there are absolutely no rules to make one, just take your scissors to anything that inspires you. That calls you loudly. Glue it down on paper and just play! You might be very surprised in the end!
I made my journal back in 2007, when I wholeheartedly committed to follow the Simple Abundance path (after I had started it with no results for many years), and then forgot about it. Now, while packing, I stumbled upon it and spent hours looking through its pages...  It is amazing to see that what I was dreaming of, what I was feeling deeply back then, is what I'm now  fearlessly ready to live.
So this post is a gentle reminder, for me and you, to keep dreaming BIG, and trust, trust, trust the Abundance!
Monica x.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In Print (and additional Shots for you to Enjoy).

Finally the magazines made it safe and sound to my doorstep! Somerset Holidays and Celebration's still missing, but will eventually have it.

I want to celebrate each step of the journey... and I have some adorable friends that cannot put their hands on these publications, but love to see me in print! Isn't it amazing when you have true friends that actually celebrate with you and share your joy? I've been terribly disappointed in the past by people I did consider friends and they were not, so I'm even more grateful for you, and for all the special friendships I made thanks to my blog!
Amazing Editors Amanda Crabtree and Beth Livesay did such a super job with these issues, putting together something scrumptious! I'm honored my work is in!
I've already shown you my white hearts in a previous post, but here they are in print.

An additional feature in the Gallery section of Home...

You know, it's soo incredible for me to have my own words published in these magazines we all drool over! Especially because English is not my first language!! All those hours spent studying and studying... I'm so glad I did!;) 

The photographer did a splendid job, even she photographed my little wreaths upside down ;) but they're lovely anyway, aren't they! 

Another feature in the Gallery, a fabric rose pin, with leather leaves and wool bow. Love that.

And some shots I took! You can spot different big wreaths, one is that I speak of in the article, I made for a blogging friend! I know she loves it, and this is such a joy for me! x

Little decorations for the Christmas tree, for your gift wrapping, napkin holders, etc.

Present wrapping ideas. I used the same fabrics to make the wreaths and wrap the gifts! Love matching details, they make things look pretty without effort.

Thanks for celebrating with me!
Monica x.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Organza Flowers: a Tutorial.

Have you spotted organza flowers popping up here and there all around Blogland, lately?
Here's my own version of them, and I'd love to share it with you!
I like to mix and match materials and add a second color to perk them up. 

Here we go with the simple instructions. 
Cut circular shapes and/or petals out of organza or your favorite (preferably synthetic) materials.

Burn the edges up, being careful while doing that. You can burn your fingers (oouch!) and the petal as well. A little practice will lead you to use the flame at the just right distance and in the right position. Someone told me they use tealights, but I prefer this way that allows me much more control on what I'm doing.

This is a basic flower, made of circles only. As you can see, they are of different sizes and materials. Pile up your circles, arranging them pleasantly. You can add shaped petals if you wish, as in the above shots of my flowers.

Sew the petals altogether in the very centre, adding beads, crystals, pearls, buttons, whatever!

... They're stunning, aren't they!

Hope you have fun with this tutorial. And please, show me your organza flowers! My little heart rejoiced, after I posted the ribbon rose tutorial, hearing it had been inspiring and seeing how everyone had added their special personal touch! A hearty thank you once again to those who shared their zest with me! You made my day.
Have a splendid weekend, 
Monica x.